Hybrid Packaging Designs

As you can see, J&S Packaging has the ability to design your packaging solution with the best possible combination of materials. Our expertise in foam and corrugated manufacturing allows us to fabricate intricate, highly functional packaging designs for your product. We specialize in using a combination of foam and corrugated to create the most innovative, cost effective solutions.

Case Study 1

Our customer was looking for a way to pack five units together in a master package, while still allowing the units to be shipped individually when necessary. Each unit had to pass a rigorous 24 point drop test as an individual package, and still fit inside a master pack for bulk shipment. We combined corrugated and foam products to achieve the perfect packaging solution for the customer.
Final Master Pack Individual Cartons Inside Master Pack
Inside View of Base Carton Inside View of Middle Carton

Case Study 2

Our customer was looking for a way to pack an extremely awkward, heavy electronic unit for UPS shipment. We developed this pack with PE corner braces laminated to corrugated sheets. It allowed us to provide them with less of the expensive foam, while taking advantage of the strength provided by the corrugated. On the top of the unit we designed a cavity between the foam cushioning, and placed a corrugated folder there to hold the additional wiring components.
Open Interior of Pack Closed Interior of Pack