Fabricated Corrugated Products

Here are J&S Packaging, we have the ability to produce a number of fabricated corrugated items. With our range of equipment, we are able to custom fabricate finished shipping containers and skids, and we can attach or adhere products to other substrates such as wood and foam. If you can dream it up, we can turn it into a finished product.

Corrugated carton with wood reinforced carrying strap. Used to transport heavy product at job sites. These were developed here at J&S Packaging. We call them Strap Boxes.
Corrugated skid fabricated from honeycomb topdeck sheet, and honeycomb runner blocks. Corrugated skids can be made from honeycomb, standard corrugated, or combinations of
both materials. We can match your budget with the solution that presents the perfect combination of durability and cost.
Corrugated reel. Used for winding of extruded product.
Corrugated corner guards. Used to protect picture frames.
V-notched triple wall crate. Used for shipping heavy metal bars.