Polyethylene Products

J&S Packaging is an authorized Dow ETHAFOAM™ Fabricator.

We offer a full range of PE products to suit your needs. We currently stock a variety of plank on our floor for quick turnaround of product, and you can go to the Dow ETHAFOAM™ Website to view the various PE foams that we offer, and see some of the technical specifications of the foam.

1.8# Black PE laminated to 4mm White Corplast. Used as a retail tool tray.
1.8# White PE endcaps. Design creates a hinged endcap that folds flat for easy storage when it's not being used for shipping of your product.
1.8# White PE die cut endcap. Used to ship expensive medical parts.
1.7# Density rollstock PE. Available in various thicknesses, widths, and perforations.
Extruded PE parts of various shapes and densities. Can be custom designed to fit the needs of your product.