Warehouse Program

The J&S Packaging Warehousing Program is a supply system that gives your business much needed space, valuable services, and real savings in many ways. The following is a summary of how our warehousing program can give your business a competitive advantage over the competition:

  • Space Savings
    Virtually all the storage space in your warehouse now commited to packaging materials is returned to you for more important uses. Your items are continually tracked and the inventories monitored for any fluctuations in usage. The information is then available to you in an array of reporting functions.

  • Service and Delivery
    On time delivery (usually ships within 24 hours) of exactly what you need, as you need it, and in the quantity that you requested. We have our own fleet of trucks to accomodate rush orders, and our salespeople will work with you to make even the impossible happen!

  • Savings
    • Pricing will be based on one cost per item regardless of the blanket order quantity. This allows you the flexibility of releasing as much or as little of your stock as your immediate need requires. It also lets you take advantage of the volume discount on price, without having to carry the inventory on your floor.
    • Cash Flow is enhanced because you have the ability to bring in only the amount of product you plan to consume at the moment, and billing is done per release. This allows you to spread your billing out over an extended amount of time, improving your cash flow directly.
    • Personal Property Tax is eliminated on your inventory of packaging materials since you, in effect, have no inventory!
    • Price Increases that may present themselves can be offset for up to 90 days because the inventory that we are carrying on our floor has already been reserved at the previous, lower price.